Vladimír Havlena Plenary Lecture

Vladimír Havlena T1: To be announced, room: To be announced
Title: Advanced Process Control for Energy Efficiency
Name: Vladimír Havlena
Affiliation: Honeywell ACS Global Laboratory Prague, Senior Fellow

Abstract: Improved energy efficiency is a global trend and a motivation for many advanced process control and optimization projects. In energy intensive process industries, energy creates up to 70% of production costs.

Application of standard advanced control packages may not cover all aspects of the problem. More holistic approach spanning better responsiveness of the plant to the varying demands, adaptation to process ageing and varying economic environment like real-time electricity/gas pricing, and environmental constraints, requires further development of advanced process control and real time optimization technology.

The talk will cover the state-of-the-art of advanced process control technology as well as several application examples from processing industries.

Biography: Prof. Vladimir Havlena graduated from the Faculty of electrical engineering of the Czech Technical University of Prague, in 1982. He spent over 30 years in academic and research positions in control theory and process control applications. Currently, he is a professor at the Faculty of electrical engineering, CTU, lecturing Estimation, filtering and detection MSc course and supervising a number of PhD students, and also a Senior Fellow and Technology manager of Process Control and Optimization group in Honeywell ACS Global laboratory in Prague. His areas of interest cover model predictive control, real time optimization, system identification, Kalman filtering and inferential sensing.