Travel information

Transport to Pilsen

By plane

Pilsen is located about 75km southwest of Prague International Airport. From the airport, city bus no. 100 goes to Praha-Zličín (tickets can be purchased from the driver for 30 CZK). From Praha-Zličín bus station, yellow Student Agency buses go to Pilsen (departures are every hour and tickets can be purchased at the counter inside the building with public restrooms next to the metro station, price 100 CZK). Buses are sometimes full, so it is good to have an advance reservation. Reservations and schedules: | It is also possible to rent a car at the airport in Prague.

By bus or train

Bus and train lines connect Pilsen with the following major European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bern, Bonn, Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Zürich and more. International EuroCity and InterCity trains link up Pilsen with: Bern, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Košice, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Zürich and Žilina.

By car

Pilsen is well connected to the road network due to its location on the D5 motorway linking the Czech capital Prague to Germany, where the motorway joins the A6 Autobahn at the Rozvadov/Waidhaus border crossing. The A6 leads from the Czech border through Germany and all the way to France.

Pilsen is the crossroad of three main arteries in the European road network:

  • E 49 Germany - Vojtanov – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) – Pilsen – České Budějovice – Austria
  • E 50 Germany - Rozvadov – Pilsen – Prague - Slovakia
  • E 53 Germany - Cínovec – Prague – Pilsen – Železná Ruda – Germany

Distance of selected cities from Pilsen

CityDistance in kmCityDistance in km
Frankfurt am M.423Wien332

City transportation

Public transport system in Pilsen

Pilsen City Transport Company ensures the majority of public transport in the Pilsen area. The system consists of three means of transport: trams, trolleybuses and buses. Three tram lines form the backbone of city transportation; they connect the biggest suburbs with the city centre, the Railway Station and the Central Bus Station. A similar function is performed by trolleybuses that serve, except for the Northern suburb, the rest of the big suburbs. The bus lines supplement the tram and trolleybus net and operate transport to smaller urban neighbourhoods. The vehicles of each service are distinguished by colours and the three colours – yellow for trams, green for trolleybuses and red for buses, together with white form a four-leaf clover of city colours. The Public Transport in Pilsen belongs to the most ecological city transportation systems in Europe.

For tarif-fare of Pilsen Public transport click here. Tickets can be purchased either prior to entering vehicle at a news stand or via SMS system or inside a vehicle from a driver (cash) or via vehicle terminals (credit card/pilsen card). Each participant will receive a credited pilsen card in a registration package.

In the city centre of Pilsen there are two main stations Sady Pětatřicátníků(tram/bus) and U Práce(trolleybus) where almost all lines of Pilsen public transport cross.